Welcome to our Hendon office!

We haven’t written anything on the website about our new office, so when our newest recruit – Kayla, aged 8 – came into the office with Mum and Dad over the holidays – we delegated the job of online content manager to her. Here is her take on our new offices

When I came in we went up some blue stairs. On some white walls around it were covered in people’s certificates for people becoming a member of this firm.

A stairway with everyone’s certificates

After your up the stairs you open a brown door and there is a red sofa with a nice plant and a clock above on the right, on the left a small kitchen next to the toilets and straight forward is a door where everyone works.

A red sofa and a nice green plant

When you’re through that door you can see people typing fast on computers, two photocopiers, black drawers of filing paper, a shredder, brown drawers and cupboards and a whiteboard.

Thanks very much Kayla for helping with everything!