Should I move my buy-to-let properties into a company?

Since the former chancellor George Osborne introduced cuts to landlord tax relief thousands of landlords have seen their costs rise and are looking for ways to mitigate the hit. The limited company route was touted as the solution. So is it? Here’s what the government has done as part of their buy-to-let clampdown: Phased out […]

Employment and Self-Employment

A quick look into the complicated and increasingly fuzzy differences between employment and self-employment. The tax position Overall, the self-employed enjoy tax advantages compared to their employed colleagues. A self-employed worker pays lower rates of national insurance (at the time of writing: 9%, or 2% on earnings above £46,350). There is no benefit in kind […]

Information security

As an accountant information security is one of the issues which is absolutely critical to our business, but which we are loathe to talk about. Our professional training is all about producing financial statements or calculating tax, and we tend to leave the technology side to the IT professionals. However nowadays securing computer systems is […]

Cloud accountancy

In the last decade, the world around us has changed immeasurably. Almost 25% of non-food retail items are now purchased online. While once we used to write cheques, we now pay for items with a touch of a smart watch, or a swipe on a smart phone. Entire libraries can now be stored on devices […]

Shareholders and partnership agreements

When entrepreneurs start a business together, it’s often a good idea to draw up an agreement beforehand. The following is a non exhaustive list of items you may want to consider when drawing up an agreement. 1) Profit split It’s important to consider at the beginning how the business will share out profits between the […]

Making Tax Digital

What is making tax digital for business? It’s a government scheme to change the way that accounting information is recorded and transmitted to HMRC. How does it affect my business? The earliest impact on businesses will be the requirement for VAT registered businesses to file their vat returns using Making Tax Digital (MTD). This means […]